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Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.

(Walt Disney)

Sensei's Corner

Hello Everybody,


Each month I will add a new write up here to keep you informed of things we have done in class the previous month and to update you on future plans. Please be sure to come back and visit often.




Sensei Jim Kelly



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Giving Your Best

We are often our own toughest judges. We attempt to do things and if they don't come out as perfect as we pictured them to be in our minds then we feel as we have failed. We think that perfection is the only option, whereas our giving our best is always good enough. We may not alway be able to deliver someone else's idea of the best, but that is not your burden to carry. You only need to fulfill your own potential, and as long as you remain true to that calling, and always give your best at that moment in time then you don't need to, and shouldn't, expect anything more from yourself. 


On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself and that should be encouraged. But before setting a target you should determine that the goal is realistic and within your reach. Setting goals based on what others can do, can be setting yourself up for failure and is more about ego than self improvement. Karate is not about being stronger and faster than everybody else, but instead it is about continuous self-improvement and challenging oneself to improve upon the last performance. This allows us to feel great personal satisfaction in all our efforts, regardless of what others think of the outcome.



I originally joined karate to have a daddy/daughter thing to do with Estefanie. I was a little worried at first that I was too old, too out of shape, with too many physical challenges to be able to do it. My wife was just plain scared to death about it. She quickly pointed out to me how crazy it was for me to join a contact sport with a fused neck and pinched nerves in my back, being a heavy smoker-having COPD (which karate help me quit after 38 years of smoking 3 packs a day), and for being a high risk for a heart attack She reminded me of how for 12 years I walked with a cane, and how the doctors told me that I would probably not ever walk without one, that I would have to treat my back with kid gloves for the rest of my life because my back would continually worsen as I got older— That was 20 years ago that they said that. However, after a brief discussion she fully supported my decision then, and still to this day supports me, even if she does not like to watch me fight. She not only supports me, but plays doctor when I over do it. It is all possible because of my love for Estefi and the importance of doing things together-- and of course with the motivation from Sensei with all his back problems. Seeing how he did it has help me tremendously. I'm doing it and have been for 6 years now. Most importantly—I'M LOVING IT.

Thanks Sensei! 

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