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3818 Skyline Blvd, Cape Coral, FL 33914 Tel: 239.540.1150

Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

'It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed."

(Theodore Roosevelt)

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Cape Coral Isshinryu Karate Dojo




If you are looking for Cape Coral Martial Arts, the dojo of Cape Coral Isshinryu Karate Academy can be found on Skyline Blvd in Cape Coral - (Click here to view a map). We are about half way between Gleason Parkway and Cape Coral Parkway (slightly north of Walmart) - (Click here to get directions).  We have been in business in the same location in Cape Coral for over 20 years.


Our dojo is equipped with high quality cushioned mats for student safety. We also have various pieces of martial arts equipment that are used to enhance student training. Come along and pay us a visit - our doors are always open to potential new students.


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Self Defense

When people join a martial arts school, they are usually looking to learn different techniques on how they can engage an opponent both in a controlled and uncontrolled environment. Although we teach our students how to defend themselves, we also emphasize the fact that they do not necessarily have to fight in order to protect themselves. Often a few simple self-defense or distraction moves are all that are needed to stop an attacker long enough for a escape route to open up. This will put an end to the incident while allowing the 'victim' to get away before receiving or causing excessive bodily harm. Of course there could be times when there are no routes of escape and the lessons you learn in class could save your life or the lives of your family. But engaging the attacker is always a last, rather than first, option...especially if that attacker is armed.



I've been taking Karate for almost 3 years now and the things I like about it are:

  • We are encouraged to do the best we can in class so we are ready to compete in shiais and tournaments!
  • I enjoy the Isshinryu style of karate
  • We are given a lot of opportunities to ask questions and have additional practice time so we can improve on our katas.
  • And....after the shiais we have have a great time when we go to a local restaurant and chill out with our karate friends.


Thank-you for being the best, :-)

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