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Ideas without action are worthless.

(Harvey Mackay)


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IHOF Tournament
July 25th &26 th Gatlinburg Tenn read more »
Date Created : 10-Apr-14 07:50

June 1st,2014 Kiwanis Cape Coral, Fl read more »
Date Created : 10-Apr-14 07:49

UTKA State Championships
May 10th, 2014 Northport Fl read more »
Date Created : 10-Apr-14 07:41

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Our son Christian has been part of the Cape Coral Isshinryu family since October of 2004. He started martial arts in Miami when he was 3 years old. In 2002, we moved to Cape Coral and started our search for dojos in our area that would provide our son with the knowledge of martial arts, self-defense, discipline, respect but most importantly the ability to focus and complete tasks. After a two year search we found Cape Coral Isshinryu which exceeded our expectations. Sensei Kelly and his team of black belts welcomed our son with open arms and have helped him through his struggles while building his self-confidence. Christian has shown great improvements with his ability to focus and complete tasks at home and school. We never thought he would be able to remember his first kata. Christian is now a junior black belt and has every intention to become a full black belt one day. Sensei Kelly and his black belts have become role models for our son. We are very grateful and have been blessed that our son has found a home away from home.

Mr and Mrs Padron, Cape Coral view more »